A true delight for all your senses...

Our kitchen is well-known for its regional, seasonal and creative dishes. Therefore the lamb is delivered by a shepherd from our family, the pork and beef comes from farmers of the Allgäu Alps, the game is from local hunting grounds, the asparagus and potatoes are grown on local fields, and last but not least, we use herbs from our own garden.

Visit us and see for yourself. For even Goethe knew: "Against the tongue and palate, the eye is the worst way to judge!"

Examples from the menu

Ulmer plate - Roasted medallions of tenderloin porc, in sauce with cream and mushrooms in addition vegetable-bouquet and swabian spätzle with cheese

Panfried zanderfilet with almond-butter on sheet-spinach with perfumed rice

Roast pork with dark beer-sauce, in addition red cabbage and bread dumpling

A traditional bavarian breakfast with "Weißwurst" - must never hear the 12 o'clock chime

Roessle pot - Roasted medallions of tenderloin porc, in sauce with cream and mushrooms, roasted bacon and onions,
in addition spinach-spätzle and egg-spätzle, in addition mixed salad

Fresh leaf salads in Balsamicodressing on a fresh pineapple with roasted strips of the turkey chest

Homemade roast pork in aspic with panfried potatoes or bread

Panfried steak of the turkey in curry-sauce, arranged on fresh pineapple with hot fruits, in addition perfumed rice

Apple-beignets in cinnamon sugar with vanilla ice-cream arranged with cream

Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream