The history of the Bleher family

Forefather of today’s Bleher family is Bartlin „Bartle“ Blayer, born in 1624 and great-grandson of Bartlin Pleer, born 1518 in Thalheim near Reutlingen. The names Pleer, Blayer or Bleher go back to the dyers of the famous Blautuch (blue rug).
According to the impressive genealogical tree, „Bartle“ Blayer settled down in Gruorn near Münsingen after he got married, bought various pieces of land and by having a large family, he laid the foundation for the large Bleher clan, which played a substantial role influencing the fate of Gruorn for centuries.

The wide scattering of the family across Germany can partly be attributed to Johann Adam Bleher, born in 1822 and tenant farmer in Gruorn, who fathered the impressive number of 23 children with his three consecutive wives.
In the turmoil of the Thirty Years’ War (1618 until 1648), some of the Blehers were scattered all over the world.
The Rössle landlord and amateur genealogist Heinz Bleher found and contacted relatives in all parts of Germany, in Brittany, Switzerland and the United States of America. Several international Bleher meetings have taken place since 1994.