The History of the Gasthof Roessle

The history of the inn begins in the year 1697 with the need of the Wiblingen Monastery in Aufheim for a new administration building (today’s Hotel Gasthof Roessle), as the caving-in of the old administration building was expected to happen any day.

1697 Building of the new administration building (today’s Rössle). The foreman was Bartholomäus Kraz with Tyrolean bricklayers standing by his side. The costs for the half-timbering in the upper floors amounted to 1,382 gulden and 9 kreuzer (corresponding to approx. EUR 50,000 according to today’s monetaryvalue). Paul Ötschmann, who was born in Heining, Tyrol, was the local magistrate at that time. He was a fresco painter and created frescos for the Duke of Württemberg in the Castle Stetten in the Remstal, as well as the ceiling paintings in the Baroque Kaisersaal of Wettenhausen Monastery. The detailed inscription on his gravestone on the church steeple of Aufheim does not mention his artistic activity. Until 1969, even the administration building preserved a fresco with the coat of arms of the Prelate of Wiblingen Modest I. Huber (north-eastern corner room in the upper floor).
1805 The property of the Benedictine Abbey of Wiblingen situated right of the Iller, which so far belonged to Vorderösterreich (former Austria), turned Bavarian, and thus the municipality of Aufheim as well. The Monastery of Wiblingen was secularized by Württemberg. The no longer needed administration building was sold later on.
1970 Purchase of the administration building by Heinz Bleher – Restaurant with 30 seats, farm, border house and bowling lanes.
1973 Completion of the restoration of the historical administration building of Aufheim resulted in the new Gasthof Rössle.
1984 Extension of the hotel capacity and of the restaurant. Today’s Zehntstube is the former restaurant.
1991 Conversion of the bowling lanes into today’s Wintergarten, used for family celebrations, conferences and special events.
2003 Ownership of the hotel was transferred from his father Heinz to Rainer Bleher.
2004-2011 Modernization in the hotel sector
2012 Implementation / Award of the 3-star classification
2013 Extension of the beer garden
2014 Bathroom renovation at the hotel rooms
2015 Implementation / Award of the 3-star classification
2018 expected renovation of the kitchen, the toilets at the restaurant and the winter garden